The Fluffer Pre-Order!




We’re not even kidding right now… The Fluffer is coming back!

Pre-sale starts today! We’re selling these by the half-case (6 bottles), but order a full-case and save up to 12% on your purchase. These will ship out the week of Dec. 7th, but if you’re as excited as we are then you can pick yours up early at our annual Deck the Halls Christmas party on Dec. 5th… that’s right, Merry Christmas.

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Warm your heart and your belly with our new Glüwein!

We’re bringing out our Glüwein! It’s perfect for chilly Christmas days and nights, because it’s served hot. And the “glü” in there means “glow” not “paste,” describing the warm glow that comes from drinking it.

Join us Saturday, December 5th from 11am to 6pm for a glass of hot glüwein, Christmas music, cookie pairings, and a Christmas market with local vendors!

It’s a good old fashioned Bing Crosby-plus-alcohol Christmas. $20 entrance, kids are free!

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