We have several outside games to play! Well, sort of. We’re still building these. But fear not! They will be done soon. Every time you turn around at Hops & Vines, something new has been built.


A farm & ranch classic, we couldn’t help but put a horseshoe area up for people to play.

Bocce Ball

This old Italian sport is calm, pastoral, and can gear up into something quite serious as soon as it’s clear how easy it is to displace the other team’s bocci. There are also a lot of bad puns, depending on the amount of wine involved. You can read up on the rules if you like, but honestly, we fully expect most patrons to just start tossing their balls around once they’ve had a Fluffer or two.


We remember this schoolyard staple and brought it to Hops & Vines, partly because it’s fun, but also because Megan & Shannon needed a civilized way to settle disagreements.

If you don’t remember the detailed rules of tether ball, we understand. As taken straight from the World Tetherball Association’s rules page, you can click below to see them. Be warned, they are amusingly specific (including Association-approved methods for determining first serve: Rock, Paper, Scissors or a coin-toss).

We can’t wait to start having little impromptu tournaments among kids and adults alike.

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