Weird Animals

While our main concerns on the farm are having fun, drinking wine, and growing our crops, we also have a variety of farm animals that you can say “hello” to.

Lola and Vino, the farm cat and dog

Lola and Vino, the original farm cat and dog.

Lola and Jennifer Aniston are the farm dog and cat. Lola usually runs up to greet the cars as they come up the driveway, and will lounge about the tasting room. She’s friendly, doesn’t bite, and will head over if you call her nicely. She generally gets along with other pets, as well, although we always recommend having your dogs on leashes – not only for Lola, but because sometimes dogs get strange ideas in their head such as, “I should run off into the hills!”

Jennifer, being a cat, is much more casual about her affections but appreciates a good head scratch as much as any other cat. She is very friendly and loves people, and won’t think twice about sitting next to you on our couch.

One of the Hops and Vines chickens

One of the Hops and Vines chickens

We keep about 10 chickens in a nice, big coop, although lately they’ve been getting out a lot – a little extra free-range. They lay quite a few eggs for us, and always appreciate a little extra feed. Just ask us, and we can get you a dixie cup of feed.

Bad Fish is the name of our goldfish who lives in the pond outside. When we very first bought the property, the fish pond was less of a decorative pond and more of a hole with a few inches of water. The property  had been unoccupied for almost 5 years, and incredibly, a single goldfish had survived in that little puddle the whole time. When we asked the University of Arizona’s School of Architecture for help designing our outdoor landscape, they strongly suggested filling it in, but Megan insisted on keeping the pond (and its stalwart resident), who had earned the name Bad Fish. Now that Bad Fish’s home has been decorated, tiled, and cleaned, we are always sure to give him a place of honor in our list of animals in the petting zoo — even if he’s not the easiest animal to pet (just ask Vino).

Everyone knows our little guy, Donald Trump, you’ll understand once you see his full head of hair. But Donald has added to his crew, you’ll always catch him trailing a few ladies while he’s making his rounds with the customers on the patio.

Clint Eastwood the donkey has been recruited as a friend for a terminally-ill man in the area, so he’s temporarily re-homed and busy being the loving, sweet guy he always is.

Kevin Bacon lovers don’t fret! Our old man pig is still kickin’. Mr. Bacon is chilling on a farm in the Sonoita-area with his pig buddies living the quiet, retired life.

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