Steve is the web and graphic designer who put together this website, and does all of the marketing work for Hops & Vines. He has the unusual perspective of a teetotaler in a winery. In fact, he found Hops and Vines because he was the designated driver for some friends who came by the place a week before it opened. Megan came out and greeted the group even though they couldn’t charge anything, and Steve was so impressed that he immediately started working for the company. He’s the one to contact if anything on the site is broken (use the link at the bottom of the page). He maintains a freelance design business called Impulse Media.

Our new website!

Our Webmaster (not really)

We’ve launched our new website (! It has a ton of great information about Hops & Vines, and not just a wine list and hours! Have you taken some great photos at Hops & Vines? Go to the website and you can actually send us the photo directly (look for Customer Photo Board, under Community). There’s the blog, Confessions from the Winery. There’s a new calendar where we’ll be posting all of our events in addition to our Facebook events. There’s some pages about some of the great people we’ve met and have helped us out so much.

Steve has been spending a ton of time hanging out with us to get a good idea of just how we operate, and getting the Hops and Vines “vibe” just right. Plus, we’re going to be launching our newsletter soon, as well! There’s also links to all that crazy Web 2.0 stuff like our Yelp page, our Twitter account, and Facebook.

Megan will be posting all sorts of interesting things about winemaking, farming, and how not to get yourself killed on a farm (via tractor, snakes, and other hazards). Shannon will be telling stories about the amazing variety of people that come through our doors! We’ll also post reviews, news, and stuff about our events!

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