The Vineyard Awakens!

By next year, this will be taking over the WORLD.

The vineyard is awake and moving so fast! I am doing my best to keep up! We have finished our planting for the year, and now we are mostly just filling in the vines that didn’t take last year. Luckily, that wasn’t too many. We are slightly behind on putting in the trellising – the vines aren’t being very patient with us! But Shannon and I are pounding poles daily and hope to have them all in in the next month. Look out: We have serious guns after all this work!

I am very excited to report the hops are doing awesome! Better  than I ever expected! Sulphur Spring Electric has generously donated some utility poles and local contractor Caleb Everhart from Monument Steel donated his time auguring holes and helping us get them in and up, (they are heavier than they look)!

By the end of the summer, the hops and vines (no pun intended) will be up the poles, and this place will look incredible! We’ll be sure to post pictures to our Facebook page.

A quick shout out to our young and enterprising intern Austin. He was a hard worker and we enjoyed having him! Any future interested  interns please send a picture 😉

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The Buffalo Club is here!

We have decided to honor Buffalo in our tasting room. What is Buffalo?  Only a life-saving, drinking game from the old west that is a life time commitment. You are only allowed to drink with your non-gun-shooting hand  (or your non-writing hand). If anyone catches you then they call “Buffalo!” and then you have to finish whatever is in your glass.

Despite what you might think, I did not make this up. Google it, it is from the 1800’s. There are associations dedicated to it. Since I am a professional and do not drink behind the counter, you will have to wait until I am off to Buffalo me. Unfortunately, a crafty customer did just that to me recently, luring me outside after we closed,with the promise of a glass of First Crush.  I am now on my toes, I won’t be fooled again!

We meet on the 4th Sunday of every month (not the last Sunday; the 4th Sunday) at one in the afternoon.

Head over to our Buffalo Club page to read more and sign up!

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