From all over the globe

I must say our customers are crazy fun! We have had people from all over the world in this place: Wales, the Czech Republic, Australia, and many more. Some of the most interesting people are our mid-westerner customers. As an experienced and professional imbiber, I am amazed at the way those folks can drink!  One customer from Wisconsin – you know who you are – told me his nickname was Richard Cranium. Well, it only took me ten minutes to figure what that meant.

What confessions from the winery will occur next time….will you make the list?

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Pigs and bunnies and petting, oh my!

Happy bunny!

We have decided to add to our animal addiction with micro mini pig after our favorite cool family told us all about their pig!  Their pig was big and would run loose terrorizing the  Tucson country club scene! Did I mention their pig could knock down doors and cave in floors? Well, that’s why our pig will be mini.

Oh and don’t  forget to come say hello and hold our double chinned he/she bunny named Elton John.

He has stolen the hearts and small vegetables of many of our customers. He’s fat, happy, and doesn’t at all mind being picked up and petted.

Just keep in mind he might poop on you.

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Throwing Stuff at Other Stuff!

The Wikipedia image for horseshoes was actually pretty cool, so we stole it. Look at them! They're not even drinking!

I hope everyone has been practicing both Horseshoes and Corn Hole our tournaments are coming up! You’ll need to be able to toss things accurately while drinking.

The Mike Dupont Classic Horseshoe Tournament is coming up this weekend (where does the time go!?)!! The Tournament is named after Mike Dupont, who trained Megan for about a half-decade working around the Sonoita area. He has listened to her many crazy plans, lets us use his tractor, helps with all day-to-day stuff, fixes everything Megan breaks, and never, ever says, “no.” And now we wants to have a horseshoe tournament — how could we say no!?

  • $25 entrance fee, which includes wine tasting!
  • We’ll have a cash prize (amount depends on how many entrants we have)
  • 5 horseshoe pits

You can sign up for the Horseshoes tournament on the Facebook event page, or with this form.


We have nice corn holes.

And next month, we’re having the Cornhole Tournament! What’s cornhole? It’s that game where you throw a bean bag into a hole! Simple! All ages! Kids, embarrass your parents! Wives, humiliate your husbands! Everybody drinks, so everybody wins!

You can sign up for the Corn Hole tournament on the Facebook event page, or with this form.

There has been a lot of trash talk in this tasting room, mostly by me, but word on the street is that there is one team to beat: the Staggering Sistahs. Two sisters who train daily with the determination of Olympic athletes.  Don’t let their mad skill deter you, but just know they mean business. They might even be wearing a uniform (don’t ask what it looks like, that’s top secret).

Anyways, a quick shout out to Brianna and Ryan who got engaged over our Zinnerpeace!

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Festival Recap!

At the Festival!

We had a great turn out for first festival! We estimated the crowd to be just under 400. We had people from all over the planet, we had tons of great pairings. One little girl told Rachel, while making crafts, that “I’ve had a lot of awesome days, but this is my 5th Most Awesome Day.” Well, it’s good to know we cracked the Top 10. The tasting room was packed all day. It was great!

It took us about a week to recover …

Now, a BIG drama occurred just as we sat down to enjoy some Milagros… I am talking reality TV/counter-terrorism big. I can’t go into it here, however I promise to tell all* in the tasting room if you ask me about it. It really is crazy!

You can check out the Facebook gallery of photos!

We are planning on having two major festivals every year, so mark your calendars the next festival on September 10th! It will be a similar set-up with pairings, except with even nicer weather, new wines, and more new faces!


* Note from Steve: She always tells all in the tasting room!

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