The Buffalo Club is here!

We have decided to honor Buffalo in our tasting room. What is Buffalo?  Only a life-saving, drinking game from the old west that is a life time commitment. You are only allowed to drink with your non-gun-shooting hand  (or your non-writing hand). If anyone catches you then they call “Buffalo!” and then you have to finish whatever is in your glass.

Despite what you might think, I did not make this up. Google it, it is from the 1800’s. There are associations dedicated to it. Since I am a professional and do not drink behind the counter, you will have to wait until I am off to Buffalo me. Unfortunately, a crafty customer did just that to me recently, luring me outside after we closed,with the promise of a glass of First Crush.  I am now on my toes, I won’t be fooled again!

We meet on the 4th Sunday of every month (not the last Sunday; the 4th Sunday) at one in the afternoon.

Head over to our Buffalo Club page to read more and sign up!

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