The Vineyard Awakens!

By next year, this will be taking over the WORLD.

The vineyard is awake and moving so fast! I am doing my best to keep up! We have finished our planting for the year, and now we are mostly just filling in the vines that didn’t take last year. Luckily, that wasn’t too many. We are slightly behind on putting in the trellising – the vines aren’t being very patient with us! But Shannon and I are pounding poles daily and hope to have them all in in the next month. Look out: We have serious guns after all this work!

I am very excited to report the hops are doing awesome! Better  than I ever expected! Sulphur Spring Electric has generously donated some utility poles and local contractor Caleb Everhart from Monument Steel donated his time auguring holes and helping us get them in and up, (they are heavier than they look)!

By the end of the summer, the hops and vines (no pun intended) will be up the poles, and this place will look incredible! We’ll be sure to post pictures to our Facebook page.

A quick shout out to our young and enterprising intern Austin. He was a hard worker and we enjoyed having him! Any future interested  interns please send a picture 😉

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  1. Marcia Goddard, Chandler AZ says:

    Shannon and Megan,
    We were there last March when you opened and had an awesome time with you. Lynnda will be back out from Ohio again this March and we will be doing our annual Sonoita weekend. Of course, you will be our major stop! Looking forward to another good time with you and wishing continued success for you. Cheers and Cheetos!

    Looking forward to seeing you again.
    Marcia (and Lynnda)
    (The women with the sparkly blue lighted hats and wine sunglasses) :)