Transit of Venus is this Tuesday

The transition of Venus across the Sun

The transition of Venus across the Sun

Hops & Vines is proud to host its first event for astronomy geeks, families, and kids who like staring at the Sun!

At precisely 3:06 PM on June 5th, the outer edge of Venus will be directly between Earth and the Sun, and so with special glasses, you can see Venus’ shadow in between. It will travel from the edge of the Sun in an arc into the middle of the Sun, and towards sunset, will head back to the edge.

The next time Venus will transition the Sun will be December 11th… 2117. This will be just the sixth time that it has happened while human beings have been aware that the event happens at all. Or, in the words of the Guardian:

This story of a search for precision began when astronomers still risked death at the stake for heresy [in the 1700’s]. This week the little black dot on the face of the Sun will be monitored by astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

Here at Hops & Vines, we won’t be able to see quite the entire transition, as the Sun will set at 7:26 with Venus about halfway across the sun, but unlike everyone else on the planet, we will be sitting comfortably on a beautiful patio drinking wine (for the adults) and homemade soda (for the kids and the designated drivers). We will also have some snacks.

Pretty much the coolest glasses ever (for staring at the Sun)

Pretty much the coolest glasses ever (for staring at the Sun)

We purchased those super-cool glasses from the University of Arizona Astronomy Club! Thanks to them, we can now stare at the Sun without fear of anything but sunburn.

Special Sun-staring glasses will be provided.

We also will be participating in the measurement of the distance between the Sun and Earth, reproducing an experiment thought up in 1716 by Edward Halley (after whom Halley’s Comet is named), and executed in 1753. Except we get to use iPhones and Android smartphones!

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