Wine, Chocolate & a Dozen Shirtless Firefighters


This is an exciting time in the winery- it’s where the magic happens. We are blending aware, coming up with some exciting, sexy wines that we can’t wait to bottle and let you try. This week we are filtering and bottling our dry Rosé called Everlasting, as well as a floral white blend named Verena.

“Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted: some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.” – Paulo Coelho



The vineyard is quiet. We are basically finishing up pruning and collecting cuttings which we use to interplant the vineyard with. We will begin planting in the spring.




The tasting room is busy- thanks to you all! We love hearing your stories, and being part of your special times. We have so many new reds on the table, like Zinfidelity, Amanda, & Merci… catch them before they are gone!






AmandaFrontThe story of Amanda- in 2011 we planted these baby vines, just tiny cuttings that we had gathered from surrounding vineyards. Over the next three years, we pruned, trained, and patiently waited for our first fruit. We harvested on a chilly October morning with the help of our child labor force and wine name-sake. The grapes were foot crushed and then aged in our first Hungarian, new oak barrel (a $1500 barrel- which is a lot for us!). This wine was recently bottled and would benefit from some bottle-aging, and is definitely one to collect and save for a special occasion. The label was done by local artist, Rachel Ward, and is the first of a 6-part series of the various stages of the growth of a vine.  This wine is well balanced with notes of vanilla, smoked meat, and hints of strawberry. A complex wine, with a long finish that pairs nicely with prime rib, brisket, and clam chowder. ($50 per bottle $45 case price).


100% Arizona Syrah. A jammy, fruit-forward wine with mild tannins, and a smooth, earthy finish. We only made a limited amount of this special wine and decided to call it Merci in honor of all the people who have supported us this year, including YOU. This wine pairs well with grilled meats like venison or lamb chops. It also works well with a decadent chocolate ganache or the partially melted Lindt balls you forgot in your purse. The best pairing however is with someone you are grateful for. Here is to the many nights you will not remember, with people you will never forget. ($35 peZinFront2r bottle $31 case price).


This sultry wine seems simple in the beginning with luscious hints of ripe plums and cherry. However, things quickly get more complicated with a earthy, chocolate and leather finish. Do not be fooled, this wine will leave you lusting for more. It pairs well with spare ribs, lasagna, or chili fries. Perfect for the occasional Netflix night revisiting movies like Fatal Attraction, Unfaithful, or American Beauty. Zinfidelity seems like a Jennifer Aniston, but is really more of an Angelina Jolie.  ($25 per bottle $22 case price).




Stay tuned… keeping our dialogue with the liquor department open. Fingers crossed!



Chocolate Love- Feb 14th, 11am-4pm


Chocolate, wine and over a dozen topless, Tucson Firefighters… Happy Valentine’s Day from the ladies of Hops & Vines! Feel good while doing good because the proceeds from firefighter calendar sales are donated back to the community for family food boxes & Christmas presents, American Cancer Society, The Ronald McDonald House, 100 Club, Boys and Girls Clubs of Tucson, Save-A-Life Foundation, iWomen, Pima Community College Foundation, Eric Hite Foundation, and The Robert Tate Foundation…. just to name a few. Come support their cause and enjoy first responders of all types graciously serving locally made chocolates which are carefully paired with our sexy wines. We’ll have lunch trucks, music, vendors, yummy wines, and chocolates and eye candy for everybody. Come celebrate Valentine’s Day the right way at Chocolate Love.


St. Patty’s Day Party- March 14th

The Drag Races- April 11th

Summer Solstice Bonfire- June 20th

Cornhole Tournament- July 11th

Bad Decisions Campout- Aug. 8th & 9th







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